Booster Lacoste Eau de Toilette

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Booster Lacoste Eau de Toilette is a 1996 Citrus Aromatic Woody Cologne by Lacoste for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Jean Kerléo . Top notes are Mugwort, Mint, Tarragon. Middle notes are Nutmeg, Geranium, Cyclamen. Base notes are Vetiver, White musks, Cedar.

Booster Lacoste Eau de Toilette
Booster Lacoste Eau de Toilette


Lacoste Booster: Like an energy drink-like fragrance

Jean Kerléo, the master perfumer at the creation of Booster, wanted it to present itself as a concentrate of energy, a container of magical scented water that would make young men invincible both on the tennis courts and in life. With Booster, sportsmanship has increased!

Lacoste offers its Booster to young men looking for scents of pure energy!

Lacoste Original released in 1984 was a great success for the, ultimately rather recent , Lacoste perfume house. On the other hand, the second men’s Lacoste perfume, Land released in 1991, can hardly say the same and was a resounding commercial failure for Lacoste. It is difficult to understand the reasons for the failure of this woody oriental, however it is a question of not making the same mistakes with Booster. So for Booster more travel in raw natural materials as for Land, but a return to the roots of sport and energy, a spirit that Lacoste has cultivated with elegance and success since its beginnings in couture.

“This Lacoste [Booster] eau de toilette promises energy and freshness to active and dynamic urbanites. ” Lacoste for Booster.

Booster is therefore aimed at men looking to perfume themselves with a tonic and invigorating fragrance. Presented in a very modern way with metallic gray visuals and sporty red curves that change with the campaigns for more originality, Booster is definitely a fragrance for 15-25 year olds. Lacoste, a sportswear brand since 1933, wishes with Booster to rejuvenate its target which is certainly aging very well, but which ages as the green crocodile ages! The prestige of a brand lies in particular in its transgenerational potential.

Lacoste Booster: an aromatic woody real elixir of youth!

Booster revolutionizes the packaging of Lacoste perfumes by presenting itself in the falsely simplistic air of a bottle for thirsty sportsmen. Functional and design, the glass is frosted and takes pretty curves to facilitate the grip of this perfume with the features of an energy drink for young men.

From the outset, wormwood, tarragon and mint offer the Booster man a dazzling start to aromatic heights that will be boosted by sparkling citrus fruits. Then the very green and flowery notes of cyclamen rub shoulders with the pretty spicy nutmeg in the heart. A warm and vegetal heart which will be enhanced by a tonic geranium. Finally, powerfully energizing cedar and vetiver bring their woody ardor to better blend in with sensual white musks.
“A fragrance with harmonious and invigorating notes that accompanies movement throughout the day. »Lacoste for Booster.

A true energy booster, the aptly named Booster acts as a rejuvenating fragrance for the venerable Lacoste house. Always so brilliant but conquering a new audience, Lacoste successfully inaugurates a new era of modern and original scent.

For decades now, the Lacoste house has been exuding the sportiness and combativeness of its founder, tennis player René Lacoste, but also the elegance and charm of men who adhere to the famous L12.12 polo shirt. After a first great success in perfumery in 1984 then a second misunderstood male perfume, Lacoste challenged itself to offer with Booster in 1996 a fragrance that was closer than ever to its spirit and its values.

Between youth and splendor, Booster redesigns Lacoste with the help of talent Jean Kerléo

If the very first Lacoste perfume, Original, had obtained a magnificent public reception upon its release, we cannot the same can be said of Land despite its magnificent and complex accords. Yet at the head of these two perfumes, officiated the same perfumer, Jean Kerléo. A perfumer far from being a novice as his perfumed creations for the house of Patou, partner of Lacoste perfumery, such as 1000, Joy or even Sublime are acclaimed and in demand again.

But Land de Lacoste proposed in 1991 has strayed too far from the sporting and youthful spirit propelled by the Lacoste house through its clothing and perfume ranges. Thus the perfume that will be offered after the half-tone release of Land will have to be totally in agreement with the young and sporty Lacoste audience.

Booster, offered in 1996, will therefore be a perfume that s ‘will exhale the fighting and sporting spirit of all the men of L.12.12 Lacoste. Functional and designed for a public thirsty for modernity, Booster wants to be the scented spray of all the exploits of everyday life.

However, as he had done for Land, Jean Kerléo will add to the dynamism of Booster the little touch of elegance and sophistication necessary for any Lacoste perfume, through a flowery heart.

“Playing and winning are not enough. You still have to master your style. »Said René Lacoste.

Booster by Lacoste, between aromatic olfactory notes and floral notes he does not choose!

As we have said, Jean Kerléo is the undisputed master perfumer of all Patou perfumes since 1967. A label for which he worked for more than 30 years, offering the couturier almost all the greatest bestsellers in his perfumery thanks to his originality and his innate sense of the choice of raw materials . A talent that he also put in the creations he will compose for the house of Lacoste, including the powerful Booster.

Booster opens like an energizing cocktail thanks to the aromatic blend of mugwort, tarragon and peppermint. At the heart, the surprise guest of this Booster leaves itself to be desired but is quickly discovered in pretty and delicate notes of cyclamen “boosted” by a nervous but very flowery geranium too. A suave and warm touch of nutmeg brings its spicy sweetness to this spicy ensemble. Finally, the classic woody notes of the male perfumery of the time, vetiver and cedar, are once again wrapped in sweetness through mellow white musks.

“Fresh and dynamic with its notes of peppermint , the scent of a sporty man who surpasses himself in effort and victory. »Lacoste on Booster.

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