Amber Kiso Eau de Parfum

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Amber Kiso Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by D.S. and Durga. The notes of this fragrance are Japanese cedar, incense, cypress, maple, patchouli, iris, hinoki, leather, treemoss

Amber Kiso Eau de Parfum
Amber Kiso Eau de Parfum


Spare, serene, and deceptively deep, Amber Kiso is an enchanting new vision of an amber fragrance through the prism of feudal Japan. It’s amber stripped down to its essence- an abstraction of captured light- taking a decidedly eastern alternative to the traditional labdanum-and-vanilla representation of European-style amber scents. Instead, Amber Kiso is a vision of sunlight piercing the tranquility of an ancient forest, the brightness of fresh moss against the unique strength of cedar and hinoki. A tendril of temple incense, pure and contemplative, winds itself throughout the heart of the scent, while a clean, smooth leather represents the traditional bushi armor of a samurai. Elegant and spiritual, Amber Kiso is unlike any amber we’ve encountered before- and we’re lost in its spell.

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Specification: Amber Kiso Eau de Parfum


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