Agua Magnoliana Eau de Parfum

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Agua Magnoliana Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Fueguia 1833. The notes of this fragrance are Amazon magnolia, Santalum Album, grandiflorum jasmine

Agua Magnoliana Eau de Parfum
Agua Magnoliana Eau de Parfum


A glorious abundance of magnolia. The scent of the magnolia is delicate and intoxicating ? clean and brisk with a squeeze of citrus and a honeyed sweetness on top. This fragrance is a tribute to Magnolia Amazonica — the guardian trees of the Amazonian rainforests. They grow over 60 feet high and their luminous white flowers open at night, disseminating their euphoric scent in a dreamy tropical haze. Imagine a hot and starry night when all of the thousands of fragile blossoms on the oversized tree unfurl their petals at the very same time, releasing an exuberant wave of transporting scent. Jasmine adds her flirtatious headiness to the mix and Indian sandalwood adds just enough warmth and weight to keep the whole thing from floating off into the ether like an escaped balloon. Agua Magnolia achieves that perfect balance of clean and sweet that we look for in a white floral. Ridiculously pretty.
Agua Magnolia is from the Linneo collection, named in honor of Carl Linnaeus, a poet who became a naturalist. Each fragrance in this collection highlights a native South American plant.

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Specification: Agua Magnoliana Eau de Parfum


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