Paris – Biarritz, the new fragrance from Chanel

Paris - Biarritz, the new fragrance from Chanel
Paris – Biarritz, the new fragrance from Chanel

Paris-Biarritz, a tribute to the first fashion house of Chanel

The Chanel house owes its existence to an exceptional woman: Gabrielle Chanel . Thus, it is not uncommon for the brand’s latest creations to refer to this extraordinary historical figure. Paris-Biarritz is the name of Chanel’s latest composition. The latter is presented in an olfactory trio and makes a nod to the history of Chanel, and in particular to the first fashion house bearing its name, located in the heart of Biarritz. Much more than a simple perfume, it is a part of heritage.

Biarritz, an emblematic place for Chanel

If Chanel decided to pay tribute to the city of Biarritz in its latest perfume, it is quite simply because its first Couture house was located in the heart of the city, in the villa Larralde, rue Gardères, opposite the casino. Gabrielle Chanel employed up to 60 seamstresses there and already fascinated the entire city with her aura and natural charisma. She was then described as a committed woman, with a sporty silhouette, often shortened dresses and designed in flexible materials. Biarritz is a place that has seen female emancipation flourish and it is therefore precisely this surge of lightness and freedom that we find in the Paris-Biarritz perfume.

The fresh and spring scent of the Basque Country in the Paris-Biarritz fragrance

Paris-Biarritz is a juice that was designed by Olivier Polge, the brand’s official perfumer . Here, he chose to highlight a perky and light femininity, evolving in life with a decided step but just as air. This translates into the indomitable dynamism of orange associated with the spring poetry of lily of the valley. The result is a very fresh composition, perfectly suited to the summer season. Paris-Biarritz is presented in a very sober bottle, the top of which is decorated with a black cylindrical stopper and the front face of which is simply covered with a white label signed Chanel.

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