Paco Rabanne’s last Lady Million and his unexpected encounter with Pac-Man

Paco Rabanne's last Lady Million and his unexpected encounter with Pac-Man
Paco Rabanne’s last Lady Million and his unexpected encounter with Pac-Man

Lady Million by Paco Rabanne and Pac-Man, the meeting of two universes

Man has always been attracted to gold. Thus, he made this prestigious material his currency. Paco rabane, meanwhile, went far beyond. He made it a real source of inspiration, transforming gold in turn into a disproportionately prestigious dress, then into a duo of perfumes. Thus appeared 1 Million in 2008 and its female sidekick, Lady Million , in 2010. Today, these cult fragrances are reinvented in limited editions dedicated to the world of games. Focus on Lady Million Edition Pac-Man, a perfume modern and retro, intended for all women attracted to gaming.

Lady Million, the fragrance of opulence and excess

Lady Million is a perfume made in the image of a daring woman, born into a well-to-do family, and seeming to be able to obtain everything with a simple snap of her fingers. The woman who wears the Lady Million perfume by Paco Rabanne has a natural charisma and nothing can resist her. His humor is disarming, almost as much as his charisma and sensuality. With it, gold takes on a new dimension, all the more sparkling!

Pac-Man, retrogaming icon

You will understand, the meeting between Lady Million and the famous Pac-Man is unexpected to say the least… However, Paco Rabanne will stop at nothing, and it took much more to make him renounce this crazy bet. As a reminder, Pac-Man is a small video game character created in Japan in 1980. Based on a very simple graphics, it is a kind of circular smiley, always seen in profile, and moving to the inside a labyrinth to conquer pac-gums. Lady Million Edition Pac-Man takes us back here brilliantly in this retro universe, enough to reappropriate all the spirit of gaming of yesteryear in an unprecedented way!

The new packaging of Lady Million Edition Pac-Man: scan and play!

The main novelty of this perfume lies above all in its packaging. Of course, Paco Rabanne’s iconic diamond-shaped bottle has been preserved here. The only novelty on this container? The little Pac-Man head that comes out on its top. The Lady Million Edition Pac-Man box, on the other hand, is very flashy. Completely covered with gold, it draws in relief a disproportionately imposing Pac-Man on its sides. Pac-gums, on the other hand, become more luxurious than ever, taking on the appearance of small diamonds. Finally, note that a scan code has appeared on the front of its box. To play a game of Pac-Man, it’s easy: just scan the code and enter your controller!

Lady Million Edition Pac-Man, an unchanged recipe

If Paco Rabanne takes sides for a particularly surprising design, on the scent side, on the other hand, Lady Million remains unchanged. Its recipe is based above all on a bouquet of white flowers, composed of jasmine, gardenia and orange blossom. The latter are associated with a few more gourmet touches, as evidenced by the presence of amber honey or raspberry.

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