New Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Nectar de Parfum

New Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Nectar de Parfum
New Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Nectar de Parfum

Viktor & Rolf’s famous Flowerbomb returns as an Intense Perfume Nectar

Viktor & Rolf is a brand renowned for its subtly dosed extravagance combined with a certain touch of refinement. In this context, the brand created, in 2005, a very first fragrance called Flowerbomb . This astonishing juice, thought of as a “flower bomb”, is today considered one of the most beautiful creations of Viktor & Rolf. As such, it is now reinterpreted in a more sensual and seductive form. Focus on Flowerbomb Nectar by Parfum Intense, a new evening fragrance designed to thrill with pleasure.

Flowerbomb Nectar de Perfume, a couture-inspired fragrance

Flowerbomb was created in 2005, precisely ten years after the launch of the Viktor & Rolf brand. The idea was, through him, to surprise women, and to stick as closely as possible to the image of the brand’s couture creations. Thus, Flowerbomb is more precisely inspired by the “Atomic Bomb” collection from autumn winter 1998/1999 but also by the “Flower” collection from summer 2003 during which Viktor & Rolf had offered a mysterious vial containing a rose extract, a kind of antidote to face the gloomy reality. Quickly, Flowerbomb became an icon of women’s perfumery. Viktor & Rolf imagined it as “an ideal in the measure of the heart. A perfume that would spring up in a bouquet to defy the dangers of time. A flower bomb that would turn negative into positive. A geyser of sensations, of fresh waves, faceted with light, to celebrate life as a utopia.

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf, an incandescent and bewitching fragrance

Flowerbomb Nectar by Parfum Intense retains the same spirit as its predecessor. As such, it is a particularly floral essence. Its start is sparkling and metallic. It is based on an olfactory discovery: a gunpowder accord. Then, this intensity softens on contact with osmanthus and jasmine. Orange blossom illuminates everything with its Mediterranean aura. Finally, Flowerbomb Nectar by Parfum Intense ends with a more enveloping and comforting base of vanilla, benzoin and tonka bean.

Flowerbomb Nectar de Parfum offers itself a bottle synonymous with generosity

On the aesthetic side, here again, Flowerbomb Nectar by Parfum Intense is very similar to its predecessor. Like him, it is a sort of refined pomegranate, on the border between perfumery and jewelry. The Flowerbomb Nectar bottle by Parfum Intense is sculpted like a diamond and has multiple facets of glass reflecting light in a shimmering pink juice. A tassel decorated with the initials of Viktor & Rolf is attached to its collar. A silver plate reveals its name on its front face, harmonizing perfectly with the beautiful chrome color of its cabochon. The only difference: Flowerbomb Nectar by Parfum Intense has a more rounded silhouette than before, which gives it an all the more generous side.

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