New Lanvin box of Modern Princess perfume

Lanvin's modern and glamorous novelty with the Modern Princess perfume set
Lanvin’s modern and glamorous novelty with the Modern Princess perfume set

Modern Princess by Lanvin, a modern and glamorous fragrance in a unique box

Modern Princess is a fragrance that explores a new vision of current femininity. He gives us the image of a mysterious, glamorous, disarming and rebellious woman. With her, Lanvin does not hesitate to thwart the codes. Modern Princess is a fragrance synonymous with freedom . He seems to possess a thrilling double life, being able to be just as much a tidy woman as a creature of the night flirting with the forbidden. Modern Princess is savored like a kiss and can now be discovered in a new box.

Modern Princess, a particularly sexy fragrance

Modern Princess is a fragrance that dares unexpected blends. The innocence of youth is associated with the sensuality of a more mature woman. His departure is tangy. It contains apple and currant. Thus, it is far from our mouth. Then, it becomes more carnal and blossoms in a romantic duo of jasmine and freesia. Gradually, her femininity becomes more and more disturbing. Its initial fragility gives way to an indomitable charisma. Modern Princess ends with a sexy breath of vanilla, blond wood and white musk.

Modern Princess set

The Modern Princess box set is also very astonishing . It takes the form of a thick red book. For a bit and one might think that it is about the penal code! However, the content is much more alluring … Turn the pages of this book and Lanvin will introduce you to its Modern Princess perfume bottle associated with an elegant bracelet and a scented body lotion.

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