New Boucheron Quatre Femme perfume set

The return of Boucheron's famous Quatre Pour Femme perfume box
The return of Boucheron’s famous Quatre Pour Femme perfume box

Boucheron’s Quatre Pour Femme ring returns in a women’s box

Quatre Pour Femme is a majestic perfume that creates a kind of link between the two creative universes of the Boucheron house, namely perfumery and jewelry. Indeed, before being a perfume, Quatre is above all the name of a ring which alone contains four jewelry techniques mastered to perfection by Boucheron. Each of its four rings represents a particular know-how: the Double Godrons, the Clous de Paris, the Diamond as well as the Gros Grain pattern. Today, Quatre is transformed into a feminine perfume and above all into an elegant box set.

The tangy and dazzling breath of Quatre Pour Femme

Quatre Pour Femme is a scent that sparkles like the ring of the same name . It begins with a sparkling scent of rosé champagne. Bitter orange is thus associated with tangerine, currant and strawberry. Then, her heart evolves towards a more timeless and poetic femininity. Rose, jasmine and lychee help to sublimate this fragrance and make it particularly feminine. Finally, it all ends with a last burst of radiance hemmed in precious woods and sensual musk.

Boucheron’s perfumed box

Quatre Pour Femme is now presented to us in a particularly refined box. As usual, Boucheron has paid particular attention to its visuals. Made up of pure white and very chic gold, this box now contains the 50 ml bottle of Quatre Pour Femme fragrance associated with body milk from the same range. Thus, Boucheron is now entering the cosmetics sector and also takes care of your skin.

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