Men’s care for Father’s Day

On the occasion of Father’s Day, offer him care and cosmetics to have a beautiful daddy! For you, we have selected face and body care products exclusively dedicated to men! Hope you find the men’s care products that match your needs, to make this party a success!

Men’s care for Father’s Day

Annayake Men - Thermo purifying mask
Annayake Men – Thermo purifying mask

For young dads – Face Care

Buy the Thermo Purifying Mask from Annayake inexpensively at your Fragrenza Perfumes online perfume store .

For dynamic dads who want to take care of their skin even when they’re very busy with their schedule. Difficult to reconcile: babies, children, schools, work and outings with friends … For this we have the solution that will allow you to relax after a hard day …

Thermo Purifying Mask from Annayake

The Annayake Mask is a purifying treatment that will deeply cleanse the epidermis of your skin. Use it once or twice a week, morning or evening. The ideal is to apply it in the evening after a long and hectic day. The Annayake Thermo Purifying Mask, while soothing the tensions linked to the stress of the day, it will refresh and firm your face. You will then feel relaxed and your skin will naturally loosen up.

Small practical advice: Apply a dab of the treatment to the face, avoiding the eye area, massage until the Sumi seeds disappear. Sumi seeds come from a plant associated with yin-yang. Leave on for 5 minutes. Finally, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. In case of combination skin, use only on the middle area (forehead, nose, chin).

For sporty dads – Body Care

Buy the Abdo firming slimming firming treatment from ClarinsMen inexpensively at your Fragrenza Perfumes online perfumery.

Slimming Firming Firming Abdo from ClarinsMen

Clarinsmen- Abdo Firming
Clarinsmen- Abdo Firming

A few days before the FIFA World Cup, sporty dads are on the lookout. To please him, direct you to the Clarins Men skincare range which offers firming treatments for the body. Like any good athletic dad who loves effort, he will appreciate comfort even more. “After the effort, the comfort”. Clarins Men offers a slimming firming treatment that will complement dad’s sports program. It is a gel which aims to reduce the fat that settles on the stomach and waist. ClarinsMen Slimming Firming Gel aims to firm the abs by sculpting the body and toning the skin.

It will be the ideal partner to amplify the effects of physical activity.

For experienced dads – Face Care

Buy Sisleÿum for men normal skin care from Sisley at a low price in your Fragrenza Perfumes online perfumery.

Sisley - Sisleÿum Anti-Aging Care
Sisley – Sisleÿum Anti-Aging Care

Sisleÿum for men normal skin from Sisley

There is no age limit for taking care of your body and your skin. It makes it easier for Experienced Dads to take care of themselves, they can devote more time to it. There are many anti-aging treatments that are effective and allow a complete treatment. At Sisley, find anti-aging and aftershave care, as a complete care product, specifically intended for male skin. Sisleÿum for men Global Revitalizing Care is an Anti-Aging treatment for Normal Skin from Sisley also exists for Dry Skin.

It should be known that the skin of men throughout a life is confronted with many external stresses such as shaving, pollution, climatic conditions. This is why it is important to take the time to hydrate, nourish and repair it.
Taking care of your skin is limited to the accentuation of wrinkles. The Sisleÿum for men treatment will provide you with immediate comfort. The skin will be soothed and hydrated for the day. And day after day you will feel the result, the skin will regain radiance and tone, it will be visibly more revitalized, rejuvenated and strengthened.

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