Listen to his instinct for his perfume

Listen to his instinct for his perfume
Listen to his instinct for his perfume

Sometimes fruity, sometimes greedy, citrus or chypre … Every year, no less than 1,400 new smells appear on the perfume market. Not easy then to navigate and choose the perfect reflection of our personality. So here are some tips for choosing the perfect “second skin”.

Listen to your instinct

On the one hand, we must not forget that the choice of a perfume is a matter of taste. In addition, it is linked to the age and personality of each person. It goes without saying, a shy young woman will probably not choose the same essence as a seductress at heart. In reality, a perfume is a bit like a garment. It is chosen according to our personality, our image, our mood, our age but also the season. In this case, a light fragrance will be rather appreciated in summer while a more heady and tenacious juice will be pleasant in winter.

Do not hurry

When choosing a perfume, there is no need to try dozens of them one after the other. Try it on a few times and test the fragrances on your skin. Then, wait to see what their outfit is and how they look over the hours. Indeed, each skin is different and the perfume can react in very different ways from one person to another.

And why not tailor-made?

Finally, be aware that, if you cannot find the perfect fit or if you simply want to wear a unique perfume, it is now possible to opt for a tailor-made perfume. Several options are then possible: a real tailor-made perfume remains very expensive, however, it is also possible to personalize an already existing juice so that it sticks perfectly to your image.

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