L’Homme Le Perfume, a new Yves Saint-Laurent essence rich in contradictions

L'Homme Le Perfume, a new Yves Saint-Laurent essence rich in contradictions
L’Homme Le Perfume, a new Yves Saint-Laurent essence rich in contradictions

L’Homme Le Perfume, the new magnetic essence from Yves Saint-Laurent

In 2006, the Yves Saint-Laurent house gave birth to a now cult perfume: L’Homme. Symbol of the masculinity and elegance of the Yves Saint-Laurent brand, this juice quickly became an icon, which is why it is very frequently reinvented. In 2020, he gives us yet another facet of his personality and is even more magnetic and attractive than before. L’Homme Le Parfum is arguably the most contrasting version of the entire collection.

L’Homme Le Perfume, the essence of a contemporary and unique man

L’Homme Le Parfum adapts to unique personalities, aligning charisma, daring and sensuality. In reality, it seems to have a perfect balance between the raw and the precious, the authentic and the chic. With this composition, Yves Saint-Laurent explores all the contrasts of the male personality. The man who wears this perfume is virile without masking his sensitivity. It is the essence of “nonchalant charm with electrifying seduction.” From refined dandy to urban bad boy ”. On screen, L’Homme Le Parfum is embodied by New Zealand model Vinnie Woolston, having succeeded the previous Vincent Cassel and Garrett Hedlund as Yves Saint-Laurent muse. “Before he even appears, a shiver runs through the room. His presence can be guessed. Its elegance, both chic and casual, is a real eye-catcher. He slips away,

All the duality of the Yves Saint-Laurent man bottled

You will understand, in this new composition, the contrasts are omnipresent. Moreover, this is noticeable from the vision of his bottle. L’Homme Le Parfum comes in a bottle that is common to the entire Yves Saint-Laurent collection. The latter consists of a thick glass cylinder, both crystalline and robust. At the top, the bottle of L’Homme Le Parfum is covered with a disproportionately imposing cap. Hexagonal in shape, it is covered with a silver lacquer and bears the initials of Yves Saint-Laurent engraved in relief. An electric blue is also invited on the walls of this bottle, as if to evoke universal masculinity.
But then, what scent can this new perfume contain? L’Homme Le Parfum preserves the frankness of its predecessors and revolves essentially around a woody accord, the ideal ingredient to embody virility. However, the masculinity of this fragrance is very nuanced. The raw power of cedar wood is enveloped here in a warmer, amber breath. The sensuality of amber collides with the apparent dryness of cedar. Don’t be fooled by the manly and slightly rebellious appearance of this man. It actually hides a tender heart… L’Homme Le Parfum is thought of as “the smell of warm skin under an impeccable costume”.

This new perfume comes in two different formats: a 60 ml spray bottle, and another 100 ml.

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