Guerlain Art of the Trait Eyeliner Felt

Guerlain Art of the Trait Eyeliner Felt
Guerlain Art of the Trait Eyeliner Felt

L’Art du Trait, Guerlain’s eyeliner capable of meeting all your desires

Eyeliner is a makeup that has been known since ancient times. You only have to see the representations of the famous queen Cleopatra to realize it. It allows very variable results to be obtained. A simple stroke following the implantation of your upper eyelashes allows you to obtain a completely natural look. However, a slight thickening on the outer corner of the eye can reveal real doe eyes. Thus, Guerlain recaptured this worship and presents his High precision eyeliner named Felt Eyeliner Art Trait.

The many ways to apply Guerlain eyeliner

Generally speaking, when we are not used to using eyeliner, the first application of the latter often feels like an obstacle course. However, rest assured, you won’t have to call yourself Picasso to apply Guerlain’s L’Art du Trait eyeliner marker.This is equipped with a very practical tip which greatly facilitates its application. The latter takes the form of a felt-tip pen and is held like a standard pen. If you want to achieve a light and natural look, then all you have to do is draw a fine and discreet line along your lashes without pressing too much on the eyeliner tip. On the other hand, for a more graphic and accentuated result, do not hesitate to redraw the shape of your eyes with a thicker line. To obtain the latter, you just need to flatten the tip of the felt slightly more. Thus, the result obtained with the eyeliner L’Art du Trait can be modulated according to your desires.

The dazzling color of L’Art du Trait

What’s more, a graphic and perfectly drawn look would be nothing without a color to match your doe eyes. Thus, the Eyeliner Felt L’Art du Trait provides optimal coverage in a single pass. This make-up is endowed with a deep black color which ensures a particularly hypnotic rendering. It is unified and dries quickly which avoids any run on the rest of your makeup. Its tip, meanwhile, glides perfectly on the skin which greatly facilitates its application. Its sharp tip allows it to draw a particularly precise line, which can be, at your convenience, either particularly fine or much more spectacular. Finally, as Guerlain is well aware that women are sometimes emotional, he thought of his marker L’Art du Trait to be a highly resistant product. In addition, This one displays an eight hour wear, water and tear resistant. Of course, the whole thing has been dermatologically tested and is suitable for all skin types for daily use. Likewise, it can very well be worn by women putting on contact lenses. Finally, for an even more dazzling result, don’t hesitate to combine this Guerlain eyeliner with the house mascara.

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