Flowerbomb Bloom, the new floral pomegranate from Viktor & Rolf

Flowerbomb Bloom, the new floral pomegranate from Viktor & Rolf
Flowerbomb Bloom, the new floral pomegranate from Viktor & Rolf

Flowerbomb is a perfume signed Viktor & Rolf which made its appearance in 2005. Many women have adored it since its appearance. A veritable explosion of supercharged flowers, this fragrance is currently back in a brand new version. The latter is called Flowerbomb Bloom and is more sparkling and subtle than ever. So, let’s see what it really is about this new recipe characterized as “a breath of fresh air echoing the rediscovered power of flowers, when winter gives way to spring”.

The romantic scent of Flowerbomb Bloom

Flowerbomb Bloom is always a very floral fragrance. On the other hand, if its predecessor only honored the scent of flowers, it turns out to be more nuanced. Moreover, this is noticeable from its top notes. Flowerbomb Bloom begins with a fruity blend. The pomegranate reveals its sweet flavor while combining with the tangy facet of mandarin. Thus, Flowerbomb Bloom immediately becomes the reflection of a sparkling woman full of joie de vivre. Then, the femininity of this perfume shines through all the more in her heart. This one combines several varieties of flowers as if to make it more elegant than ever. Flowerbomb Bloom contains Damascus rose as well as jasmine, plants very often used in perfumes for women. The freesia enriches this floral duo while being accompanied by an accord of mountain air. Thus, Flowerbomb Bloom gains in lightness and freshness. However, its base warms up with woody notes. This gives it more structure and more temperament.

Viktor & Rolf calls on Domitille Bertier again

In reality, although different from its first version, Flowerbomb Bloom does not shy away from belonging to the Viktor & Rolf collection, quite the contrary. It must be said that this new juice was developed by a designer who had already worked on the recipe for the very first Flowerbomb, in 2005. She is none other than Domitille Bertier, one of the best perfumers in the world today. However, when she developed Flowerbomb in collaboration with three other perfumers, this juice was her first big success. In 10 years, Domitille Bertier seems to have come a long way! It must be said that it has a particularly solid training, acquired in one of the best perfume schools on the planet, the prestigious ISIPCA of Versailles. Domitille Bertier now works as a senior perfumer for IFF, third world leader in the flavoring industry. His notoriety has already earned him work for many large luxury houses like Chloé or Balenciaga. It is therefore a prestige for the Viktor & Rolf house to be able to redo this designer work on one of her first works.

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