Eau de toilette Cologne Run Free Thierry Mugler

Run Free the new Mugler cologne

It is not uncommon to see essences from the past brought up to date. It is therefore a part of the heritage that is offered to us in an olfactory way. In this context, Thierry Mugler has chosen to reinterpret Eaux de Cologne. After making a very first juice named Mugler Cologne, in 2001, he has now made an assortment of five essences. It is from this new collection that the new Mugler Cologne Run Free has emerged.

Thierry Mugler and Eaux de Cologne, a long-standing passion

Thierry Mugler says he has always been fascinated by the ancestral and miraculous Eaux de Cologne . Indeed, he sees it as a clever mix of hygiene and pleasure. The creator believes that Eaux de Cologne have no equal when it comes to transporting us out of time. In addition, for a long time, Eaux de Cologne were the only perfumes used by men. Reclaiming their scent thus comes down to offering ourselves a part of our history and bringing it up to date. Therefore, Mugler Cologne Run Free is a totally timeless essence. Full of paradoxes, it comes from yesterday and projects us into the future. As if drawn from a grimoire of yesteryear, it demonstrates innovation by integrating new ingredients into its traditional recipe. The result is a powerful fragrance with carnal power. What’s more, be aware that Mugler Cologne Run Free is addressed to both men and women. With this perfume, Thierry Mugler quite simply rejects the gendered idea of ​​essences. Mugler Cologne Run Free becomes a symbol of sharing, androgyny and generosity.

Mugler Cologne Run Free, an aphrodisiac fragrance

Mugler Cologne Run Free comes in a transparent bottle whose silhouette is similar to the entire collection. Similar to an apothecary’s vial, this one reveals an intense and electrifying pink-violet color for the occasion. Inside this container is an aphrodisiac and invigorating juice. Thierry Mugler only wanted to reveal two main ingredients. On the one hand, Mugler Cologne Run Free revolves around the recognizable scent of ginger. Produced in India and China, it gives this juice a spicy, peppery, pink and soapy scent. Here it is associated with another very recent ingredient in the history of perfumery: Akigalawood. Behind this name hides an essential oil of fermented patchouli, with a woody and peppery flavor. You would have understood it, Mugler Cologne Run Free is a fragrance with a strong temperament, both loaded with spices and very woody. Mugler Cologne Run Free is for all those who are not afraid and who have a strong personality.


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