Eau de toilette Alien Eau de Toilette Thierry Mugler

The sensual divinity is adorned with an aerial lightness

For Alien Eau de Toilette, the perfume house makes sambac jasmine shine with a thousand lights in order to make us in fragrance a piece of the dazzling light of the perfumed goddess.

The luminosity of the woman of Alien Eau de Toilette

By offering the precious Alien in the form of a perfume as it comes from elsewhere, the Thierry Mugler house has once again hit the headlines. Angel, the first gourmet perfume in history, had already opened up a unique path for Mugler perfumes which would assert themselves as decidedly totally original. Alien, if it offers more “classic” scents, will play with a decor and magical accords around sambac and grandiflorum jasmines, cashmeran and amber.

Alien Eau de Toilette was released in 2008, three years after the very first fragrance. Dominique Ropion thus proposed a new opus to the enchantress Alien which would be more solar and more radiant, for women who like to adorn themselves as much in mysteries as in lights. On the other hand, if Alien Eau de Toilette has kept the same codes as its predecessor, communication around the mystical effect is starting to change.

Indeed for Alien the advertising as the visual were worked around a mysterious woman , very strange and almost represented like an extraterrestrial magnified by the magic. An image that was not understood by all audiences. Alien Eau de Toilette therefore offers a new vision of the extraordinary now more accessible, with a woman goddess all dressed in gold calling much more on our legends than on our vision of a possible extraterrestrial life.

As a result , the advertising of Alien Eau de Toilette will be the first stone laid in a sumptuous and magical universe which will take shape in exquisite beauty for the opuses that will follow this precious Alien Eau de Toilette.

The lightness of a woody-floral fragrance with Alien Eau de Toilette

The pretty amethyst gemstone bottle is kept for this Alien Eau de Toilette. This time the deep purple gives way to a brighter purple which is meant to represent the pure energy of an amethyst crystal, “symbol of humility and femininity”.

“With its floral, woody and amber revelations, the fragrance soothes, transports and radiates. His bottle too. Inspired by a faceted gemstone, this sacred talisman is charged with positive energy. Mugler for Alien.

The beautiful and airy Alien Eau de Toilette composed by Dominique Ropion opens with fresh and dynamic scents of mandarin and citrus essence. At the heart, Moroccan jasmine and white flowers play with their opulence to offer a luminous and delicate halo to the goddess woman who sleeps in each of us. Finally, the woody sensuality of cashmeran wood meets white amber to offer Alien Eau de Toilette velvety and intoxicating depths.

“Alien Eau de Toilette, sparkling and enigmatic, energizes and illuminates the senses with a woody amber floral creation . “Alien Eau de Toilette, Thierry Mugler.

Since its beginnings in haute -couture, the Thierry Mugler house has been a label synonymous with originality and even assumed avant-gardism. With his very first Angel perfume, the reputation of the man and his house did not fail on the contrary, Angel revolutionized modern perfumery! A few years later, Alien Eau de Parfum followed this same voice studded with success. With Alien Eau de Toilette playing with lights to better dazzle us, it is to say if Dominique Ropion and Thierry Mugler had found the key to the stars!

Alien Eau de toilette or when the light shines with Mugler …

How to come up with a new scent saga when you have already offered an absolute bestseller a few years earlier? How to avoid repeating itself or worse, compose a perfume that would be versatile and therefore not up to the level of an Angel who upset all trends and olfactory currents in its path? Such was the bet of Thierry Mugler and Dominique Ropion in order to compose a new perfume. And with Alien Eau de Parfum released in 2005, the least we can is the two men have taken up this major challenge by offering the originality of a Thierry Mugler perfume without falling into the greedy scent of a Angel composed 13 years ago.

“In any case, he’s not a foodie. I put a trace of lactone (Editor’s note: I invite you to read the article I devoted to lactones a few years ago) but just to accompany the jasmine, not at all to create a fruity effect. Besides, there is nothing tasteful in this perfume. “& Nbsp; Dominique Ropion about Thierry Mugler’s Alien for the blog Ma Recréation.

In 2009, and after two pretty summer variations of this extraterrestrial perfume maker, Dominique Ropion will once again draw the luminous and carnal contours of the Alien woman by offering her a more aerial and more solar concentration with Alien Eau de Toilette.

Alien Eau de toilette will no longer seek to symbolize power but rather lights. The dazzling lights of hesperids, flowers and sensuality. Alien Eau de Toilette was born to radiate, that’s it.

Jasmines, amber and woody notes for a woman Alien completely bewitching eau de toilette

Alien Eau de Toilette makes part, with Alien Eau Extraordinaire released in 2014, of the lightest concentrations that the master Dominique Ropion could offer to his Alien. However, this does not prevent the discovery in this more aerial version of the construction in three “faces”, in three facets, typical of the pretty Alien originally born in 2005.

Thus for this Alien Eau de Toilette, the citrus top notes are nicely reinforced thanks to mandarin and citrus notes. Then in the heart the fabulous Sambac jasmine remains but its solar and opulent facets will be amplified for this eau de toilette by notes of white flowers. Finally, the woody delicacy of cashmere wood will turn into velvet enveloping like the rays of the sun thanks to notes of white amber.


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