Clinique Even Better, the foundation that takes care of your skin

Clinique Even Better, the foundation that takes care of your skin
Clinique Even Better, the foundation that takes care of your skin

Clinique is a brand that is particularly concerned with respecting the skin. It displays extraordinary expertise in terms of cosmetology and carries out regular evaluations on each of its products in order to offer ever more successful treatments. Thus, when the Clinique house launches into cosmetology, the concern to take care of the epidermis remains a constant problem. That’s why Clinique Even Better foundation doesn’t just cover the face with a healthy glow. It also takes care of the skin day after day for visible and lasting results.

The zero-defect effect of Even Better foundation

Of course, the first ambition of Clinique Even Better foundation is to provide an immediate effect on your epidermis, making it instantly smoother. It thus helps to unify the complexion and to reduce the problems of irregularities of the skin. Thus, it treats the dermis immediately and camouflages the dark spots appearing over time. What is more, in addition to concealing the latter, it fights against the formation of their new appearances. This mineral-enriched foundation leaves the skin naturally luminous and radiant. Thus, your face will only become more radiant and sublimated.

Clinique incorporates sun protection

In addition, although we commonly think of using sun protection on hot summer days, we generally neglect this protection during other seasons. However, many dermatologists agree on the need to wear sun protection on a daily basis. Indeed, UV rays pass through clouds and attack the skin even under a grayish sky. Also, it is advisable to deposit a protective film on your face whatever the seasons. This is why, in order not to make you use two different products, Clinique has integrated protection into its composition. Thus, Clinique Even Better foundation is enriched with SPF 15 protection, enough to fight against the external aggressions of the sun while letting enough light filter in to ensure a healthy glow.

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