Clarins Self-tanning Delicious Cream; for a sunny face

Clarins Self-tanning Delicious Cream;  for a sunny face
Clarins Self-tanning Delicious Cream; for a sunny face

Maintain a healthy glow all year round with the Delicious Self-tanning Cream from Clarins

Self-tanners have long suffered from a bad reputation. It must be said that initially the product was not very developed … It was often criticized for drying out the skin, having a bad smell, and above all, for creating a very superficial complexion turning orange. Fortunately, a lot of research has allowed him to improve his skills. From now on, the self-tanner fulfills its function perfectly and offers a completely natural result. It preserves the skin and is often enriched with a succulent scent. At the forefront of its advances, Clarins presents its Delicious Self-tanning Cream, a pure delight!

Self-tanner, the secret to tanning without the inconvenience of the sun

It cannot be repeated enough: excessive repeated exposure is dangerous! Thus, while it gives you a magnificent tan for a moment, it also makes your body age prematurely, and can lead to skin cancer. It is therefore better to avoid it or to favor the cooler hours of sunshine. If, however, you want to keep a nice tanned complexion, there is the self-tan solution. Indeed, this treatment stimulates the production of melanin in your body without ever attacking it. Its operation is not at all the same as that of UV rays. The self-tanner achieves this result thanks to an active agent contained in its formula, DHA, and naturally colors the skin. The only constraint is to apply it correctly, so as not to draw any demarcation. Then,

The many advantages of the Delicious Self-tanning Cream from Clarins

The Delicious Self-tanning Cream is a product suitable for all skin types, and which offers a very smooth texture. Its pretty caramel color guides application and will help you to spread it correctly. Its melting texture instantly penetrates the heart of the cells and does not leave sticky marks on your body. These cocoa extracts, on the other hand, deposit a delicious scent on your skin while nourishing it. You will understand, the Delicious Self-tanning Cream gives you a nice tan while preserving the natural qualities of your skin. Never will a treatment have made you so beautiful! The Delicious Self-tanning Creamcolors your epidermis while preventing premature aging of the skin. Thanks to it, your body will be more flexible, more comfortable and superbly scented. The Self-tanning Delicious Cream is applied in small quantities, with quick and light smoothing. For a perfect result, we advise you to wipe your elbows, knees and heels after application. This is because they tend to stain faster than other parts of the body. Likewise, don’t forget to wash your hands and fingernails thoroughly as they may turn yellow. Wait a few minutes before getting dressed and avoid your eyebrows and hairline.

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