Clarins Multi-Intensive High Demand Evening Cream

Clarins Multi-Intensive High Demand Evening Cream
Clarins Multi-Intensive High Demand Evening Cream

Enhance your skin while you sleep with Clarins High Demand Multi-Intensive Evening Cream

The Clarins brand is a true beauty expert with decades of experience. Extensive research has enabled her to determine what the skin needs the most and when the treatments are most effective. However, it appears that the night is a particularly favorable time for cell regeneration. This is why it is so important to apply a cream to your face before going to bed. In this sense, to protect your skin from the effects of time, Clarins has created a Haute Exigence Evening Multi-Intensive.

Your skin while you sleep

During the day, our skin is put to the test. Indeed, it is constantly subjected to external aggressions such as pollution, temperature variations, or direct attack from UV rays. She then tries to protect herself by playing the role of a shield. On the other hand, at night, she takes advantage of this moment of calm to regenerate herself. Certain chronobiological studies show that the multiplication of the cells of the epidermis is maximum around 1 am, and that it is minimum at 1 pm. The night therefore promotes the repair of our epidermis, and it is therefore at this moment that we must act to further increase this natural mechanism. What is more, the circulation of the blood is also more important at this time. Finally, as the epidermis is less refractory to its environment, it is also more permeable at night time. It is therefore indeed the ideal moment to provide him with the care he needs.

The benefits of the Haute Exigence Evening Multi-Intensive cream

The High Demand Multi-Intensive Evening Creamis an anti-aging treatment that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and also acts against the appearance of pigment spots. Note that it is more specifically designed for dry skin. Clarins Haute Exigence Evening Multi-Intensive cream is intended for women over 50, and intends to protect them from the harmful effects of time. Note that the epidermis tends to dry out over the years. This care therefore becomes all the more appropriate. Night after night, the Haute Exigence Evening Multi-Intensive cream redensifies, lifts and unifies the skin. Your face is then better nourished and hydrated. The next day, in the early morning, it shines with beauty! The Haute Exigence Evening Multi-Intensive cream fights against sagging skin and evens out your face. For this, it contains many natural extracts. Harungana leaves tighten the face. Ginkgo biloba, on the other hand, wakes up the pinkish tint of your skin. Finally, shea butter is also incorporated into the formula of Haute Exigence Soir Multi-Intensive to intensely nourish your face.

Clarins Haute Exigence Evening Multi-Intensive cream is used on cleansed skin, if possible by applying light pressure from the center of your face outwards, in order to intensify your microcirculation. The results will be even more convincing.

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