Annayake Sensitive Soothing Care for sensitive skin

Annayake Sensitive Soothing Care for sensitive skin
Annayake Sensitive Soothing Care for sensitive skin

Annayake Sensitive Soothing Care and its formula specifically designed for sensitive skin

Mr. Suziki was a man madly in love who, in the 1920s, decided to make a treatment specifically designed for his wife’s sensitive skin. Quickly, the quality of his product made people talk about him and this is how the Annayake brand was created. If the decades have passed, the brand’s philosophy has remained the same. Annayake is committed to always highlighting the Asian tradition. Each of the brand’s references is a concentrate of appeasement and softness. Annayake Sensitive Soothing Care is specifically designed for the most sensitive skin. Anti aging and comforting, it promises you a moment of pure softness.

Dry skin ages prematurely

The phenomenon of skin aging is inevitable and affects everyone. However, it does not develop in the same way in everyone and some people have a more genetic predisposition to display wrinkles. Be aware that people who have dry skin tend to see it deteriorate more quickly. Indeed, when the skin dries up and becomes dehydrated, it tends to fracture its fibers. From then on, furrows widen on the face and mark it more deeply. This is called wrinkles. Other phenomena also accelerate the aging process of the skin. The main factor responsible for this is sunlight. Prolonged exposure to UV rays has a direct impact on the epidermis. Wrinkles appear more numerous and deeper and the skin is weakened. Also know that, even if you don’t have dry skin when you’re young, it loses moisture over the years. So, whatever your skin, it will inevitably become more sensitive over time. To give you a rough idea, the skin begins to age on average at the age of 30. It becomes slightly more flabby and more marked. Certain areas of the face become drier, rougher, less flexible, less radiant and less elastic.

The benefits provided by the Sensitive Soothing Care Annayake

The Soothing Sensitive Annayakeis a product specifically formulated for all people with very sensitive skin. As always, his recipe is inspired by Japan. As such, it contains water directly from Mount Fiji. This majestic mountain provides water renowned for its high purity. Therefore, Annayake offers us the best raw materials on the planet to hydrate your skin. This intense hydration protects your skin and makes it less sensitive to external aggressions. Likewise, your face will immediately appear more comfortable and lastingly soothed. To suit the most sensitive skins, Annayake Sensitive Soothing Care is formulated without paraben and fragrance. Over the days, it calms the skin and softens it. The comfort is immediate and lasting. To obtain convincing results,

      Via Graps Fragrances!