Alien Mysterious Musk Eau de Parfum Thierry Mugler

Alien Musc Mystérieux, a perfume for women, clearly playing the card of seduction.

What is more, it must be said that it bears its name magnificently as its concept is mastered and its appearance intriguing. Also, to add a touch of seduction to this fragrance already recognized worldwide, Thierry Mugler decided to develop a new variant. This one is called Mysterious Alien Musk and firmly intends to drag you into another galaxy!

Alien Musc Mystérieux, a perfume for women, clearly playing the card of seduction.

Alien Musc Mystérieux reveals herself as a confident woman and her power of seduction. Thus, he can be sassy at times and does not go out of the way to express his determined character. It begins immediately with spicy top notes. This surge is striking and unexpected. What is more, it is dominated by one of the most prestigious ingredients in the world: saffron. Also called “red gold,” this material bewitches us before being taken over by a more tender and madly feminine heart. Mysterious Musk Alien then combines the floral opulence of jasmine and the softness of cashmere wood. Finally, her almost erotic sensuality is fully expressed in her wake. Mysterious Alien Musk reveals an animal and syrupy blend of musk and vanilla. This composition is signed by one of the greatest perfumers on the planet: Dominique Ropion. In addition, he had already participated in the design of the first part of Alien. While he likes to call himself a full-fledged artist, he also has unparalleled expertise in perfumery. His almost encyclopedic knowledge of raw materials constantly leads to sublime creations. Mysterious Musk Alien is only one final testament to his talent. Thierry Mugler and his bottle full of mystery

If Alien Musc Mystérieux has severe advantages in terms of flavors, it is nonetheless very elaborate in terms of bottles. Its container is in the image of the futuristic vision of Thierry Mugler. Through it, the creator wanted to portray a sensual, luminous woman, a sort of solar goddess, both close and inaccessible. The whole has abandoned its plum color of yesteryear for a gradient evolving from transparency to more copper and golden tones. The whole draws a line in its center, a sort of horizon full of hope on which a refined sun rises. The whole harmonizes wonderfully with the three claws encircling this bottle. The shape of the latter is inspired by an amethyst, displaying irregular but perfectly symmetrical facets.


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