Aimez-moi Comme Je Suis, Caron’s box set combining virility and gluttony

Aimez-moi Comme Je Suis, Caron's box set combining virility and gluttony
Aimez-moi Comme Je Suis, Caron’s box set combining virility and gluttony

For more than 85 years, the Maison Caron has been classed as an essential perfumer. It owes its notoriety to the release of the iconic Pour Un Homme, followed by many other fragrances which have continued to evolve with the trends. Supporting men generation after generation, Caron is constantly renewing itself. Today, its perfumer Jean Jacques has decided to write a new page in the history of the brand. “Why does contemporary perfumery reserve its gourmet notes for feminine scents? It was after this reflection that he imagined the new perfume Aimez-moi Comme Je Suis. Today, Caron reveals it to us in an attractive box.

The amazing woody trail of Love Me As I Am

Aimez-moi Comme Je Suis by Caron is a puzzling fragrance unlike any other. It evokes the scent of blond tobacco while being built around an infinitely woody note. Here, it is the vetiver of Haiti to be put forward. Overdosed at 10%, it is associated with a hazelnut “warm and woody, greedy and unsweetened”. Other raw materials are also invited in the background in this perfume. We recognize in particular ginger, grapefruit, neroli, Virginia cedar, vanilla, tonka bean and musks. In Caron’s Aimez-moi Comme Je Suis perfume, vetiver is worked in a gustatory way. It immediately makes our mouth water, while maintaining a perfect balance between the woody register and the sweet breath.

Caron’s Love Me As I Am Box

To our great pleasure, the Aimez-moi Comme Je Suis perfume is presented today in an elegant box. This time, it comes in a very generous 125 ml format. In addition, so that its scent does not leave you, it comes in this elegant box, a more compact travel format. In a nomadic spirit, comes in a 10 ml spray. Finally, to allow you to stay fresh in all circumstances, while enveloping your body in its scent, it is also accompanied by a deodorant spray of 50 ml. The set is presented in a square cardboard box, in several shades of beige, caramel and brown. Of course, this cameo is not trivial. It clearly evokes the raw materials contained in this perfume.

Caron’s eco-responsible approach

Finally, note that the perfume Aimez-moi Comme Je Suis by Caron is respectful of the planet and the Haitian populations. Its vetiver comes from a responsible sector certified “For Life” and contributing to local development in Haiti, in particular by ensuring fair working conditions and remuneration for farmers. To protect the planet in the long term, the Aimez-moi Comme Je Suis box is also eco-designed. Finally, the Aimez-moi Comme Je Suis spray bottle is refillable. In other words, Caron offers 125 ml refills. Thanks to them, there is no need to throw away your bottle when it is finished. It fills up again and again, avoiding waste.

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